Sevilla – Osasuna: forecast and rate of Konstantin Genich

Sevilla heroically snatched victory from Krasnodar in the Champions League. Scored two goals in the minority in the second half. The overwhelming advantage was. The character of the team of Yulen Lopetega, of course, is present. But in the championship, as we can see, Sevilla is doing badly. The team lost three matches in a row. And if you lengthen the streak, then she cannot win four matches. Lost 0: 1 to Granada and Eibar, lost in Bilbao, there was still a draw with Barcelona. And in the Champions League two goals from Krasnodar received. It seems that Sevilla is out of order. Although there are no particular complaints about the game.

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Surprising that Lucas Ocampos does not score against Sevilla. He has moments, chances in every match. Either the goalkeepers are dragging, or somewhere the desire to score quickly fails the top scorer of Sevilla last season. But sooner or later Ocampos will score. Surely he will appear in the starting lineup again. He really does not like when he is given the opportunity to rest or when they change. So I would take a chance and bet on his goal. He has not scored a single goal in this championship yet. His only goal from a penalty spot in the European Super Cup. Ocampos Goal Odds 2.7.

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Express for Premier League matches: prediction and bets by Artur Petrosyan

Hello everyone, I’m Arthur Petrosyan!

The last round of the Premier League, so I decided to talk not about one match, but about several at once – I decided to bungle a small express train. Go!

Leicester Tottenham

Five days have passed since the last fox match, which was more than enough to return to the optimal state. Deservedly Leicester lost to Chelsea Londoners were more eager to win and Leicester were somewhat intoxicated by the FA Cup success. However, if he were a little luckier, he might not lose.

I think Leicester will be fine here. There is a hope of getting into the Champions League, they will cling to it in every possible way. I think that they are more hoping not even that they will be ahead of Liverpool in the best goal difference, but that Chelsea can misfire in the game against Aston Villa.

As for Tottenham, after the departure of Mourinho, the team played a couple of games at their maximum, but then they began to openly finish the season. The last game against Aston Villa made this clear to us. Villa scored twice, and could have scored five or six goals if she were less wasteful. Tottenham looked a little like a serious team. Leicester will want to win more, so my option here is that Leicester won’t lose and the total is over 1.5.

Aston Villa Chelsea

I don’t think it will be so easy to be “blue” here, despite the fact that they are clear favorites for obvious reasons. Villa made a very good impression against Tottenham. Grilish is back, and the attacking players have enough quality.

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If Kante doesn’t play, Birmingham will drink blood from Londoners. Chelsea looked bad in the holding area after replacing Kante with Kovacic. It seems to me that Chelsea will play as carefully as possible, realizing the potential of Villa’s attack, and will not attack with large forces. Naturally, Chelsea will be closer to a positive result, but I would not be very confident in a convincing victory for Chelsea. Here again it is worth resorting to the most popular bet in recent years – Chelsea will not lose and the total is less than 3.5.

“Arsenal” Brighton

It was very funny to hear Arteta when he said that he was glad that Arsenal could still be in European competition at the end of the season. If he is there, it will be the League of Conferences. This is said by the coach, who plays Aubameyang, Pepe, Edegor with a total value of 150 million. Arsenal have not made a particularly positive impression lately. He beat Crystal Palace 3: 1, but only in the end snatched this victory.

Brighton had a good all season, the team lacks luck, and poor implementation is their main problem. Brighton just beat City, although they played in the majority, but nevertheless. The team plays cute football and achieves results even in a match with the champion of the country. My variation is here – both will score.

“Liverpool” Crystal Palace

There is not much to talk about here. After Liverpool have passed two major trials, beating West Bromwich and Burnley, it will be easier with Palace. I don’t think Merseysiders will have much trouble here. Here I liked the option Liverpool will score in the first half.

If you agree, then put your thumbs up, subscribe to our channel. There on Wednesday we will gather in excellent company, we will discuss the final of the Europa League “Manchester United” Villarreal and trying to make the right bets. It was Artur Petrosyan specially for the “Rating of Bookmakers”.

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