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For computers in a workgroup, the Windows Time Service in Windows XP supports a new Internet Time feature , which updates the clock on the user’s computer by synchronizing with an NTP time server on the Internet. This feature is useful for computers whose real-time clock does not maintain the correct time. NDIS 5.1 has performance enhancements, Plug and Play and Power event notifications for miniport drivers, send cancellation and 64-bit statistic counters.

  • The Remote Desktop Web Connection component of Internet Information Services 5.1 also allows remote desktop functionality over the web through an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer.
  • The issue potential Windows Update Database error detected error may occur when there is a corruption of the system files.
  • In Windows 2000, an NTLM hash of the user’s password was a requirement which technically allowed a potential malefactor to decrypt the Master Key and the NTLM hash directly from the Security Accounts Manager database.
  • These libraries collected content from around the hard drive.

The Windows Defender Firewall options can be found by typing firewall in the Windows 10 search bar, then selecting Firewall & network protection when it appears. Even after you have uninstalled unwanted programs, you may still have some issues with slow boot times if you have too many programs trying to run when your computer starts. Be careful, though; even specialist software can make mistakes. Be sure to create a backup so you download vcruntime140.dll here can fix any problems that arise from a registry scrub. Of course, you shouldn’t head into your registry and start blasting away at everything you see. Instead, you should use a freeware registry cleaner that can identify what needs removing and what doesn’t.

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These actions are called AutoPlay Handlers and there are sets of Handlers associated with various types of content. New AutoPlay handlers can get added to the system when additional software is installed. The user can edit, delete or create AutoPlay handlers using TweakUI. AutoPlay settings can be configured per-device in Windows XP from the device’s properties. The only problem with this step is that it purges the computer and deletes not only personal files, but applications as well. This good tool to repair the registry has minimalistic interface that looks rather dated.

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Also introduced is a new heap performance-monitoring counter. Windows XP introduces a new low fragmentation heap policy which allocates memory in distinct sizes for blocks less than 16KB to reduce heap fragmentation. The Low Fragmentation Heap can be enabled by default for all heaps using the LFH Heap Enabler utility. Windows XP introduces the CreateMemoryResourceNotification function which can notify user mode processes of high or low memory availability so applications can allocate more memory or free up memory as necessary.

In conclusion, this post has introduced 5 solutions to the Windows update error potential Windows Update Database error detected. Since updating Windows always leads to some problems, it is advised to back up the important files before solving the problem. If you encounter the Windows Update error potential Windows Update Database error detected, you can try to boot your computer in a clean boot and check whether the issue is affected by the third-party software.

Although an upgrade of the Windows 2000 kernel, there are major scalability, stability and performance improvements, albeit transparent to the end user. Window ghosting that allows the user to minimize, move or close the main window even if the application is not responding. Windows XP’s Display Properties allows users to save their customizations as Themes. This feature was previously a part of Microsoft Plus!.