Are Pole Saws Dangerous? Essential Safety Tips

This can be used for trimming trees to an extent, but not any kind of refined way, only entire sections at once if need be. The blade on a manual pole saw is very different from powered saws. Rather than a moving blade, a manual pole saw has one elongated hacksaw-type blade with a slight curve in the middle, as this helps with angling onto the branch while standing down below. These are easily the most versatile pole saws, as you can use them up high, and on the ground for tasks like chopping up a large branch, or whatever else you want to use a chainsaw for. There are very good points here on manual pruning saws vs electric pruning saws. Heavy electrical saws are for heavy duty trimming work and experienced trimmers. I learned through some lack of experiences vs body size and strength.

To install the saw blade, drop the round hole of the blade onto the screw on the end of the pole. Then line up the rectangular notch with the matching rectangle on the blade housing. The manufacturers have improved the locking system on the pole to ensure that it stays fully and firmly extended when in use. Remove any burrs from the back of the blade with a flat-file or the sharpening tool.

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That is, if you only need to control prune thin twigs, vines, or foliage, you may not need a pole saw. However, if you aim to cut tree branches between 2 and 8 inches in diameter, a pole saw could be just the ticket. I was disappointed that a small Phillips head screwdriver didn’t come with the kit. – you’ll need one to adjust the chain tension on the 8” cutting bar. Many people have Phillips screwdrivers at home but the bar and chain tensioner are quite small and so require a screwdriver that’s smaller than most people will have.

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To add the chain lubricant, remove the oil reservoir cap at the top of the chain saw and fill the tank with oil. Keep an eye on the quick view oil indicator and don’t overfill it. So, you can switch over batteries with other Ryobi tools if needed. The battery is compact, lightweight, and compatible with the same brand batteries. You also have the option for several Ryobi pole saw attachment.

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It has to be depressed first before the throttle can be activated. I also found some wobble in the pole pieces even when the connecting couplers were fully tightened. The wobble wasn’t extreme and didn’t affect cutting performance but given the design of the connecting couplers, I wouldn’t have expected any wobble at all. I wish the saw came with a shoulder strap to help distribute the weight. However, I found that the battery was difficult to pull out – even with the retention clip in a fully retracted position. For someone with less finger or grip strength, it may be a struggle to dislodge the battery from the compartment.

This model is available in stainless steel, matte black, and matte white finishes, providing an option to complement most kitchens. Change filter indicator lights let you know when the filter needs to be switched.