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We looked at user reviews, our own hands-on experiences, and tried to apply a dose of common sense to find the best solutions possible. We not only considered semi-permanent options—like screw-in hardware—but we also thought about and tried to recommend products for renters and those who aren’t handy with a power drill. An important tip is to ensure that you have put dangerous items such as toxic detergents, knives, glasses and others, high up and then put safety locks and latches on all cupboards. They are designed to fit locker doors with side by side knobs. They are secure and easy to install without damaging surfaces. They are ideal for those who don’t want to drill in their cupboards and drawers.

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  • “I’ve stitched up the ends of so many fingers—frequently from a game of chase that ends with a door slamming,” says Dr. Schmidt.
  • The manufacturer markets these knob covers as larger than many competitors, accommodating knobs up to 1.75 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter.
  • When my first kid was born, I was looking around the house for potential danger, and I didn’t know where to start.
  • This is super important to make your kitchen baby proof – and it’s free!
  • While these Kiscords cabinet locks are certainly unique with their corded design, that doesn’t mean they’re ineffective.
  • The easiest solution to this risk is to install furniture anchors.

The locking slides are adjustable to match the location and number of knobs on your stove. Tie Your Books Down This parent found a way to do little work while still managing to keep their books on the shelf. Tie them around your bookcase to keep your little one from being able to pull the books off while keeping it easy for you to grab them. Place it over the top of the door, closest to the hinged side.

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EASY FOR ADULTS TO OPEN, SECURE AGAINST KIDS – The locks can handle at least 20lbs of pull tension, more than enough to keep cabinets locked against kids. Meanwhile, parents and adults can best humidifier for baby easily open locked cabinets with one press against the spring-loaded latch, without any need for special keys or magnets. Popular brands that sell child locks for cabinets include Safety 1st, KidCo, KisCords, Munchkin and Wonderkid. Although all of these brands specialize in locks, Safety 1st is definitely a top brand for its huge variety of child proof locks. UseWindow Guards and Safety Nettingto help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Check these safety devices frequently to make sure they are secure and properly installed and maintained.

Kiddybyte Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks

This lock needs a double button process to release, release & rotate when it isn’t in use. It has a flexible strap which will enable latching at the corners. These locks come with an adhesive that won’t damage your furniture. Place corner covers or bumpers on the sharp edges of all furniture.

How To Baby Proof Cabinet Doors?

Wellard, a mom of three who worked in a pediatric emergency room prior to entering private practice, and Sheehan recently shared their top tips for new parents. “Having a safe space for kids to be means you’re not always having to say no. Plus, they’re so fast that if you turn for a second, they can get into something they shouldn’t,” she cautioned. We asked the experts and while the answer is a resounding YES, all agree that baby-proofing is more about following your intuition and less about the latest newfangled safety product.

Baby Safety Silicone Corner Guards are soft, unobtrusive yet strong, highly durable padded corner protections to help prevent injuries caused by sharp corners around the home. Knocking yourself or falling into a sharp corner is easy and can be extremely painful for the whole family. You can install window guards that will keep them from opening above a set limit, or you can get guards that prevent a child from pushing through the screen. For upper-level windows, make sure an adult can remove them quickly in case of fire. There is obviously no need to cushion every corner to prevent every bump or bruise, but it’s a good idea to start with the dangers that could cause fatal or severe injuries. Here’s a list of baby proofing things you could consider along with some products to help you out.

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These cords also work for cabinets with rounded knobs that are close to each other. Apart from its simplicity, velcro strips also don’t need any drilling of holes on your cabinets. However, they will only work on babies and toddlers because bigger children can open the velcro locks. Another benefit of magnetic locks is their seamless integration with your cabinets. Since you install the magnetic latch inside the drawer, you maintain the aesthetics of your cabinets. They will also try to open your cabinets and drawers, which might cause harm.